Website Development


Website is a collection of webpages belonging to any service or organization used to represent them over Internet. It is a Digital era and everyone is trying to represent them digitally. Thus a concept of Website Development comes. Website Development is the process by which one can develop any website. A website development contains two type of programming (scripting) one is Client side and other is Server side. We use one of them or both on the basis of website. There are many type of Websites are present.
Static Website
It is a very simple type of Website, not in the sense of style but in the sense of programming. These type of website represent any organisation or service with a fixed content. If you want to update any information from these type of website then you have to pay for it again.
Dynamic Website
Used to represent your organisation or service by retrieving data at runtime. It uses server side scripting like PHP, ASP, JSP etc. Dynamic websites are also able to communicate with database to retrieve updated information in structured and managed way.
Responsive Website
The most popular website type in today’s world. The main feature of these website is that it manage its view according to device type like pc, tablet or phone. It include all the latest technique used in Website development like CSS, bootstrap, jscript, angularjs etc.
Web Application
Web application is a type of online software. You can manage your all records of your business on the website. If you have multiple offices in multiple location then it is best for you. Through web application you can check and compare all records which came from multiple branches. Online job apply, eticket booking system, online admission process are the common example of Web Application. provides a wide range of solution by providing all type of websites according to customers need. There are some popular package given below:
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